Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 86: Go forth with faith

Happy Monday world! This last week, Elder Boswell and I made a great realization as missionaries. Tuesdays are far worse than Mondays. Everyone complains about Mondays because they're the first day of the week and work and blah blah blah. Well we don't like Tuesday because it's the first day of the week for us and blah blah blah. Tuesdays are rough for us. They're getting better though! We've got one of our ward mission leaders starting to schedule visits for Tuesday nights, so that's a step in the right direction. I think will have a service project tomorrow, so that'll help fill the rest of the day.
I've had an above average(I struggle with saying 'great' too much, so I'm working coming up with other words that aren't great but that are that similar level of goodness.) week with my Alabama(not east coast) companion Elder Boswell. One of my new favorite things that we do is running! He's agreed to go running every other morning which rocks! He's my first companion who's been willing to do it. I might've been able to with some others, but I forgot to ask them. One of the wonderful pictures you get this week is of a snake that Elder Boswell found in his drawer April 1st. It was the best I could do with not thinking about pranks until that morning.
The big thing from this week was General Conference. It was a good conference to end my mission on. I learned some great stuff to carry into the coming years. It was all centered around faith. Hold to the faith. Defend the faith. Let others see the faith that I have. It kind of goes back to what I said last week about letting our religion show. That's the main thing I'm carrying away from conference this go around. Elder Holland's talk was great. President Uchtdorf's story about his Airforce One experience probably wins the funniest story of conference this go around. Nothing really stuck out as a favorite talk this go around, but a reread might change that. The other picture(not of the snake) is me watching the ending of conference pretending to take notes because it was already over, but that's how we watched all four regular sessions of conference. Shout out to the Smiths who probably won't read this! They rock though. 
I brought my journal so that I can write what I forgot to write last week. I'm working on rereading Preach My Gospel and doing as many of the activities as time will allow. One of the activities had the following instructions: 
"Imagine that you are going to write an article about the message of the Restoration for a local newspaper. In your study journal write a title that describes the central message."
This is what I wrote:
"The World is Changing, but God and His Love are Not:
We are God's children. He loves us. He has always loved us and will continue to love us until the end of  forever. He's shown His love by giving us a path of happiness to walk along through life. We walk along it with our friends and family. The prophets teach us about it. Moses, Noah, Isaiah, they all spoke and taught about this plan made possible through Jesus Christ. God has not left us alone today. Just as in years past, He has given us a prophet and additional scripture to help us on the path home."

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