Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 85: Already an eventful morning and it's not even 11:00

Welp, today is transfer day. I get to stay in Middleton, and Elder Patterson is moving out to Kuna. I'll be getting Elder Boswell who is moving from the other side of the stake to be my companion kind of like when I went from Nampa East to Nampa North. He's from the east coast. I'm not exactly sure where. I do know he went to school at Auburn though. This'll be my longest area. I've only ever served anywhere 4 1/2 months, and I'll be here for at least 6-maybe even 7 1/2.
Already this morning we've gone to the transfer spot, moved around several missionaries, and had breakfast at Denny's. Right now we've got a reprieve before the transfer van comes back at 12:30ish. I say "ish" because the transfer van is never on time.
Last PDay we went hiking again. We did the same hike up to Jump Creek because it's one of the few good hikes still in the mission. It was pretty relaxing which was nice, especially since I had given blood earlier to help with a young man's eagle project. (I thought they had disallowed that everywhere, but I guess not.)
I had something I wrote in my journal that I wanted to write here, but I forgot until I sat down to email; that means I don't have my journal with me, and I'll have to write about it later on.   
Yesterday's gospel essential lesson was on prophets. The teacher asked what we've learned from the prophets. (She's really good at asking deep thinking questions.) I hadn't really ever thought about that. I've always equated knowledge and what I've learned back to the Spirit. I haven't made much of a human/prophet connection to the knowledge I've gained. That's something I'm going to do this week leading up to General Conference: think about things I've learned from some of the prophets.  
A couple of times I've heard that we need to be more like those in the south and south of the border. Most are open and vocal about their religious beliefs and their admiration for God. I know I personally don't do my best to give Him the credit He is due. This is something I hope to do more. Yes, it feels unnatural at first because one isn't used to talking so openly about deity, but when after time it becomes natural. Our 'nature' is to take the easy road to survival for ourselves whatever that might entail. It is only with molding and overcoming that nature that we can become disciples of Christ. I've got a quote in my scripture bag from forever ago. It says something to the effect of: Desires determine thoughts. Thoughts determine words. Words determine actions. Actions determine habits. Habits determine destiny. If we can make it so "we speak of Christ"(2 Nephi 25:26) our actions will become those that show that "we rejoice in Christ".

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