Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 84: More to write about than I thought

Earlier this week, we ate dinner with a family that has two kids out on missions: a son and a daughter. The dad asked us about our emails. He wondered if they were little bleeps or long essays. Both E Patterson and myself confessed to writing mostly little bleeps. He said his son is the same way and then made fun of all of us for not writing well enough. I think he said "Boys are stupid."
We were able to do a couple of service projects this week. For the first, we went out to a field and picked up rocks in preparation for it to get stuff planted in it. We started out picking up everything that was golfball sized and bigger to keep the machinery from being damaged when it came through. Then someone more knowledgeable than us came out to tell us we only needed to pick up the baseball sized rocks. The second half of the field went a lot faster than the first half.
Saturday we had another service project. This time we were moving fencing. Members were working on moving wire fencing from one piece of property to another. I got to roll up the first section after we unhooked it. It was the longest piece... I didn't roll it very well...The first 75' rolled pretty nice, but then it went crooked, and it ended up about 11ish' long. All my roll making didn't prepare me for that.
The mission leadership got together Saturday for a special meeting with Elder Godoy of the Seventy. He said most weekends they(as Seventy) are given a specific assignment, but every now and then  they have an open weekend where they choose where to go. This was one of those weekends for Elder Godoy. He chose Nampa for whatever reasons, and we had a great discussion as a mission about how to strengthen our weaknesses. It revolved a lot around showing love, being humble, and saying prayers.
Yesterday we got to go in to primary to help with sharing time. The lesson was on experiences with the resurrected Christ, so we were given the roles of Thomas and Joseph Smith. It's hard to let the creative juices flow when you're a missionary and can't play 'dress up' super well because you've only got one wardrobe. It still went well even if we were a modern 'suit and tie' Joseph and Thomas.
This weekend is transfers. No idea what will happen. Next weekend is General Conference. Looking forward to that.

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