Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 83:Stateside mission problem #1234221

I've found another problem being one of those stateside missionaries: when the power goes out in the house you live at, you can't do laundry. Our mini-fridge was 'randomly' quiet and loud this morning. I didn't realize why until I went out to do laundry. One of the clocks said 12:59. I thought that couldn't be right and saw another that said the right time. It took me a little while longer to realize the power had been turning off and on. When did I realize this? When I started a load in the washer only to have it stop about half a minute into the wash because the power had turned off. Oh well. It's a windy day, and I guess that's knocking out the power.
This week we had zone conference. There wasn't a noticeable focus that I sensed. President Cole talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. President Cannon talked about the Atonement and obedience. He had zones split up and talk about prayer. Pretty wide topic array if you ask me. It was good though. Our fun activity was Preach My Gospel Battleship. There were a lot of missionaries-probably 45 to 50 on either side of the net. We played until we got down to about 10 or 15 and ended the game because it was taking too long. I survived to the end. Yay!
Happy St Patrick's Day! That was one of the things I was forgetting. We had some corned beef and cabbage for dinner last night. It was pretty tasty. I might have to find a wife who will carry on the tradition when I get to that point of looking for a wife.
We didn't end up hiking last week because of the rain, but we are going today. Should be fun even with the wind, but I don't think that'll affect the hike too much.
Three more weeks until general conference!

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