Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 82: A good day for a hike

A little bit later on today, a group of us is going hiking. It's a little lot bit cloudy, and it's raining. Is it a good or bad idea to go hiking? Yes. (I thank my dad for teaching me how to answer poorly worded questions.)
This weekend was Stake Conference in Middleton. Elder Koepischke of the 70 came to talk about the hastening of the work of salvation. I thought it went really well. Us as missionaries were left out while he emphasized each persons ability to do missionary work in a different way. He had converts get up and share their conversion stories. Some were friends who got invited to mutual by friends. Some were people who had spiritual experiences with their associates as they spoke about the gospels uplifting nature. Others were touched by love of members who never gave up on them and loved them despite their shortcomings. The overarching theme was to love completely. As we love, we'll want to share our blessings with others. We'll also enlist our heavenly Father's help because it will take the effort of everybody combined to get this work rolling.
This week we'll have zone conference. I'm not sure what the focus will be on, but whatever it is I'm sure it will be good.
I'm getting excited for General Conference! It's coming up really soon. This'll be my last one on the mission, so I'll be sure to pay really close attention as it's my last chance to learn with special missionary powers.
I'd started reading the Book of Mormon last July for one purpose and last November for another purpose, and I recently finished both read throughs. It's quite an amazing book. If you haven't read it recently, I'd suggest picking it up and reading from it again. There's always something to learn.

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