Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 79: Another snow falls to earth

The weather has been all the buzz up here recently. It was gloomy. Then it was sunny. Now it's snowy again. That little bit of snow we got last Monday was just the beginning. Since then, we've got another half foot or so. Some of it has melted, but there's still enough that many missionaries went sledding for this pday.
This next PDay will be transfer PDay. It's also President's Day, so our regular email spot will be closed. I might be able to get an email out, but don't hold your breath too long if it doesn't come.
This last week lead to a lot of contemplation. We were doing a challenge where we had to actively think more about how our choices brought us closer to God or took us away from him. Unless I'm teaching, studying, or at church(which takes up a surprisingly small amount of time), I find my mind wanders far across the spectrum of the world. This exercise helped me focus more on what matters. When you actively think about the choices you're making, it makes it a lot easier to make good choices.
No pictures this week! I accidentally left my scripture bag at our last appointment yesterday, and I haven't gone back to get it yet.

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