Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 76: The sun's not out, but the days are still looking bright.

It's definitely winter in Idaho. The snow is all gone, but the sun stays back behind the clouds until the beginning of spring. We'll be without sun here for another couple of weeks, but our attitudes are nowhere near as gloomy as the weather. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't have a gloomy spirit while I think about light and truth. It's just an instant spiritual boost for me.
This weekend we finished up a project that we started last weekend. A family who lives out in the boonies is working on remodeling their house. We aren't very good at remodels, but we can certainly help with the demolition. That's what we did. We took plaster off of a ceiling so that they could sheetrock it instead. It was pretty dirty work. The first week, I didn't have any glasses on, so I had to stop working after a little while because junk was getting in my eyes. I decided to wear glasses the second week, and the work went a lot better.
I'm pretty sure I've sent a picture like this home before. I definitely ripped another pair of pants at the knee. I'm not careful enough, so I end up sliding across the ground more than I should. Somebody is looking out for me though. On Sunday somebody brought us a suit that happened to fit me well enough. Miracle!
We found out yesterday that a couple of our wards are being split. This'll be the first time I get to participate in something like this. I remember the stake split vaguely, but I don't think anything special happened at the time. We might get an extra ward for the rest of the transfer from it.

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