Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 75: Crazy mornings are crazy.

I don't know how long it takes to make a lasting habit, but this whole "getting up at 6:30 thing" still gets to me some mornings when I am extra tired. For example, take this morning. I rolled out of bed to turn a light on. Our lights are super bright, so I fumbled around in the dark looking for the lamp which is slightly less bright. I was pretty sure it was unplugged, but I decided to pull the cord just in case. I happened to be looking right at the bulb, and it happened to be on. I flew all the way back to my bed from the shock(not literal shock, but not being awake and seeing something bright shock)
We had a fun week up in Middleton. We had to move some elders around the first part of the week with an extra set of missionaries moving in to Middleton. The latter part of the week, Elder Jarvis and I made a 'zone vision'. I mentioned that a couple months back I think. This was my contribution for January. We're a big sporting zone. An elder from Beaumont told us about a great game that everyone can play because it doesn't require very much athleticism or hand-eye coordination, so I can actually play it. The background is actually a reference to said sport, Turduken/Makasa depending on who you ask. All you do is hit the chair with the ball. You can get as close as you want. You just have to avoid the other team and keep them from touching the ball before it touches the chair. Pretty simple actually.
Speaking of sports, one of the wards invited us to start coming to their combined activities. It was human foosball this week. The ward has a million youth, so we stood in lines of about 15 to 25 people. Only 4 or 5 got injured to the point of being taken out of the game before we stopped(most were from hits to the head from falling or flying balls)...
I'm in a jolly mood. There's another missionary in the zone who's named Elder Jolley. He's a really fun guy. It's hard not to be happy when he's around, and he's emailing next to me. I've spent as much time laughing as emailing. I hope each of you can find a reason to laugh after you read this. Laughing is truly medicine for the soul. There's always a reason to laugh.

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