Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 73: Christmastime excitement

Things are looking up for us here in good old Middleton! Everything is white, and we are readying ourselves for Christmastime. This last week was a pretty good one if I do say so myself.
We did a combined district meeting in Emmett to help everyone feel included. In the spirit of missionary work, rather than make gingerbread houses, we made some graham cracker temples. We modeled ours after the temple. The judges didn't like our pick of a Canadian temple for who knows what reason, but everybody was happy in the end.
Speaking of happy endings, this weekend saw an old investigator getting baptized in Nampa East. Bro Titsworth had been meeting with missionaries before I got there, and we continued the trend of teaching him. Things started to click, and now(3 months later) he got baptized. It was great to go back and witness that.
Elder Jarvis and I got to speak in Middleton 3rd ward yesterday. That went pretty well. I was the last speaker, and the talks before mine made me reflect on past experiences like learning to hike and collecting food in the rain as part of a scouting food drive. I was able to relate these to my talk which helped because one of the youth speakers spoke on what I was going to speak on(Christlike Attributes).
This week we'll have the mission Christmas gathering. It should be an uplifting experience.

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