Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 69:That one thing that hasn't come in several weeks.

Will you look at that! It's an actual email report on life from Elder Mann! I haven't seen one of these since November started. Well it was about time. I needed to actually send an email home. I guess I'll start by explaining the pictures.
The first picture was part of a handout that I got to make with my companion. Half of the handout is supposed to be fun, and half of it is supposed to be serious. It was also supposed to be Book of Mormon oriented. I couldn't think of anything super clever, so this was the best I could do. The family history center computers don't have very good editing software like photoshop or gimp for some reason, so the Book of Mormon heads aren't very "neat". The pre-edited pictures came from

The picture with me and the boy was taken shortly after his baptism. His name is Josh Moore. He is Dimitri's little brother. (I think I mentioned him a couple lot of weeks back. He got baptized at the beginning of October.) Josh took the lessons after his brother finished them and got baptized last Tuesday.(which also happened to be my 16 month mark-I've been out twice as long as the time I have left....weird) 

The last picture is of some little "reverance books" that we helped the ward mission leaders wife put together last night. One of them was super interesting. It had mini-bios of the first presidency and quorum of the twelve apostles. It kind of reminded me of the book Mom made for Arthur with the stuff from the temple open houses. 

I am getting reminders from people who know more than I do to make sure that these messages are uplifting and help you out more than just figuring out that I'm ok and alive. In my journal, I've been writing down something I'm grateful for each day because Thanksgiving is this month. I'm hoping to have a person(or people), a thing, or a place for each day of the month. There is really so much to be grateful for. We should each be able to write something every day of the year...maybe that's what I'll do next year...

On another cool quotable note, I got to read Elder Nelson's recent CES Devotional last week. It was awesome. I've come to find that he is one of my favorites. One of the many quotable lines from his address is "Education is the difference between wishing you could help other people and being able to help them." This is super true. As missionaries, we will often say we can't convert people beyond our own conversion. This also applies in other aspects of life. If someone is bleeding, you can only help if you know how to stop the bleeding. You can't tutor in Calculus if you haven't completed Geometry or a lot of other stuff. Another great example: "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain it, and then shall your tongue be loosed;"

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