Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 66: Only 6 more months until General Conference​!

You know you're getting old in the mission when people ask you how long you've been out and you say "about a year" rather than how long you actually have been out to avoid comments like "Oh! You're over the hill and on your way down!" Comments were already starting at 14 months, so I'm going to start saying "about a year" now that I've been out another month. There really isn't a good mission age to be. Anything under 6 months: "Oh boy! You're a greeny!" 6-10 months: "Well you're not a greeny anymore, are you?" 10-13 months: "Well now you're an experienced missionary." 14-20 months: "You're over the hill!" 21-24 months: "You're already on the plane, aren't you?" Such is the life of a missionary.

I went back and reread some old emails I sent home from a year ago. They looked a lot longer. Plus they talked about things more relevant to missionary work and attributes. I'll see what I can do to get back to that.

This upcoming weekend is transfers. I don't want to assume anything, but I'm probably going to get moved out of here. That means next week I'll be sending out a new address to replace the 3800 W Sanetta...probably. Maybe because I'm emailing this I'll be sticking around. Who knows? Only President Cannon.  

Like I mentioned last week, Tuesday was Dimitri's baptism. It went great. Now we're working on teaching his younger brother, Josh. This here is evidence to me of our individuality. You can't judge anyone based on other people. Dimitri was a deep thinker. It took him a while to make the decision to be baptized. Josh is moving along a lot faster. Differences in the individual prepare them to face different things at different times. It's not a bad thing. It's in fact a good thing. It'll help us come together later on.

General Conference was great. I've really enjoyed General Conference on the mission. This time we watched it at the church in case anybody came to watch it. Nobody did, but that left us with a quiet and peaceful environment to listen to the speakers and the spirit. For me personally, I felt faith, hope, and charity emphasized. I guess it's time to go back to the basis. My two favorite talks were President Monson's Sunday morning address and President Uchtdorf's priesthood session talk. I'm going to have to reread all of it several times. I barely scratched the surface of what I need to learn from this conference. Watching President Monson is always fun. He talked about home teaching during priesthood session. He rolled his eyes a couple times sharing not as good home teaching experiences. One time, President Hinkley's home teachers dropped by while he was there with President Monson and and President Kimball(back before any of them actually had the President title I believe). Then he told about Marion G Romney's home teachers stopping by for a second just so that they could report that they did their home teaching. Oh to be a general authorities home teacher...That would be rough.

Until next week!

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  1. My son is in the MTC going to the Nampa, ID mission this Tuesday the 15th. He's in the MTC now. I googled the mission and found your blog. It's good to read a little about it. He speaks Norwegian (I'm from there) and we were a little surprised at his call, but I know it's where he is suppose to go. God bless. :)