Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Week 65: The best I had to offer, I don't actually have to offer...bu​t actually..​.

With yesterday being a fifth Sunday, we had a combined third hour class that we went to. President Mansfield of the Stake Presidency was there. He shared a training based on what he learned at Philmont. I couldn't find the video...I wanted to share it...So I looked again and found it!
It's a combination of quotes from different awesome people: President Monson, John Wayne, and Lord Baden-Powell.

Tomorrow night we'll have a baptism for a 13 year-old boy we've been teaching. He's pretty cool. Dimitri has been thinking really hard to the point of overthinking. He's making all the decisions on his own, so good for him!

Last night we visited with some members who have two kids out on missions. Both left in July, and it was their son's birthday. He couldn't attend, so we took his place. His mom made a delicious brownie cake thing. 

There's been a pretty consistent drizzle going for the past week or so. It's nice because we can still work in it.

Transfers are in two weeks. General Conference is this weekend. Next week's email should be good. 

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