Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 60:Get to keep moving

Well hello there! Welcome back to the (exciting/whatever other adjective you might see fit to put here) world of Elder Mann. In this weeks addition: Chaniel's baptism, moving, possibly moving, leaving the mission, and that's all I can think of.

Back when I was in Meridian North with Elder Cavin, we were told about an individual with interest in the church who needed to be taught. Her name was Chaniel! This happened waaaaaayyyyy back in early June if memory serves me right. We got through teaching her all of the lessons while I was with Elder Larsen, but the timing was off. She didn't get baptized while I was still there. I was able to travel the 5 miles back to the Nampa North Stake Center and attend her baptism Saturday. That was a pretty cool experience for me. It brought back fond memories of the distant 5 weeks ago. 

This transfer, we had been living with a second companionship in a tiny add on to a member's house. Only two of us had beds; the other two slept on a cot or the couch. Space was tight, and somebody needed to leave, so we did. Another family that actually lives in one of our wards opened up there home to us. Missionaries had never lived there before. It's still super clean, shiny, and smells good. It's great to have such kind members share so much with us.

That means the 520 Railroad Ct address isn't good anymore! I was going to say that anyways though because this Saturday we'll get transfer calls, so I could be moving out of this new place next Monday. It's not super likely, but it's possible. I'll be sure to give an updated address next week one way or another.

Wednesday I get to leave the mission. I'm holding President Cannon hostage and forcing him to drive me out of here. No? That doesn't work? I guess that's ok. He's taking a group of us who are around our year mark to the temple to celebrate the anniversary since we can't regularly go anymore. (10am session if anybody in the Boise area wants to see a friendly face. hahaha) It should be awesome!

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