Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 59: A special zone conference

Last week when I mentioned zone conference, I didn't think it was going to be quite as special as it turned out to be. It was President Cannon's first. He did a great job teaching us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's basic, and everybody should have it. Faith will give you something to reach for. Repentance will prepare us to enter the path. Baptism puts us on the path. The Holy Ghost will keep us on the path. Enduring to the end is the battle to make it as long as we can.

At the end of each zone conference, the mission president has all of the missionaries that are departing before the next zone conference share their testimony(their trunkimony). My old companion, Elder Barnes gave his. It was a tender moment. I've found unity to be a very important trait of any group that is going to succeed. I'm learning that. Elder Barnes was able to express how he lives it.

At the end of the trunkimony meeting, President Cannon shared a special treat. He gave each of us a movie ticket, and the three zones went to the dollar theatre to watch Ephraim's Rescue. That was a great movie. It's kind of a sequel-ish thing to 17 Miracles. I say sequel because it is actually a story that happens at the same time from a different point of view done by the same director. If you've seen and liked 17 Miracles, I definitely suggest this one.

There were a few different service projects that happened this week as well. We spent 5 hours splitting and stacking wood. We spent 3 hours cleaning up someone's lawn. In this case, we doesn't actually include me. We is my companion and another missionary, while I was inside cooking with a different missionary. It was quite the cooking experience. This guy was a flavor master. He'd ask us to test the food. He'd tell us that something was missing, add it, and then have us retaste it. Somehow it tasted better each time.

Saturday we got to take the roof off of a house. That was also a pretty cool experience. I've learned quite a bit about demolition as a young adult. I'm pretty sure I could safely disassemble and mostly reassemble houses now. I know roofing. I know plumbing. I know sheet-rock and insulation.

Earlier today we went caving. Those caves are pretty dusty. It's still fun to go on PDay adventures, but it's also important to make sure everything important like emailing home happens too. Peace be the journey!

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