Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 58:Some more exciting emails are on their way

Well hi there! Sorry about missing you last week. We did some Pday exchanges so that some of us could go hiking while others that didn't want to could do whatever else they wanted to do. The hiking group ended up only having a little bit of time to email. It's a lame excuse, I know. On my side, I feel like no email is better than a short one that just says I'm alive.

Last Monday marked 13 months. I've now been out for more months than I have left. Another month and I'll be down to counting time on my fingers. I don't think about myself being an older missionary, and really I'm not. I'm old in some ways because there are only 15ish missionaries that have been out longer than me out of our 90ish missionaries. 2 1/2 transfers from now, all of my mentors will be dead. Then I'll have to start being that example-old guy person.

The hike I got to go on last week was fun. We hiked to a waterfall. It's weird how there are random creeks everywhere. We didn't have as much water down in Socal, so this is still new to me. I guess it helps being as close to a river that actually has water in it as we are.

With the mission split, we can't go to the temple regularly since it's out of our misison. Now, we can only go for our half way anniversary. Luckily, mine was after the split, so I'll get to go with the next group when they do at the end of August.

Tomorrow is our first zone conference. What'll happen? No idea.

Plus, our backpacks are outdated. We can't use backpacks after tomorrow in accordance with new mission policty. We have to use "shoulder bags". That'll be fun. What to do with my backpack now...

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