Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 56:A little tired after a long walk

So....I'm in a biking area again. Elder Jones doesn't have a bike yet, so we're walking. Today we got to walk all the way to the family history center. I don't feel as impressive anymore. I mapped it out, and it was only a 3 mile walk...I'm still pretty tired though...

The area seems good. The members(or at least the leaders) are excited to do missionary work. Elder Jones got to speak on his first Sunday. He's from Grants, New Mexico which is near the 4 corners area.

We had two baptisms Saturday. The first was in my old area Nampa North. I didn't get a picture there because Robert was camera shy. I was able to perform the baptismal ordinance for the first time. Later on in the night there was a baptism in our new area. We never got to teach her though because she had already been taught, and the old missionaries came back to witness the baptism.

It's supposed to be cooler this week. We'll see if it actually happens.

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