Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 55(Part2): The cycle of life continues

Well, I tried to get the official picture taken back at the beginning. Unfortunately, the missionary I handed my camera too wasn't paying attention. As such, you get a picture taken right before I started this email.

Today a year ago(the 24th of July 2012) was the day I left the MTC a year ago. Today a year ago(the 4th Wednesday of July 2012) I was assigned to my trainer Elder Jones. Today, Elder Jones was assigned to be trained by me.

This here is Elder Cooper Jones. He comes from New Mexico. He graduated just 2 months ago from high school, so he's one of the new young'ns. Cooler than that though, is he is one of the original group to receive a call to the Idaho Nampa Mission. He knows nothing of Boise and won't aside from getting to go to the temple on his year mark.

Everything is going well so far! We've got some missionaries staying at our house while they try to figure out where they are living. With all of the new missionaries, it's hard to come by housing as areas are split. Life's good!

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