Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 52:You know it's warm outside when...

When summer began on the 21st, it was a nice 70* with rain. It jumped up a little bit between then and now. Now it's a scorching 105*, and it has been since Friday. That's actually why this email is late getting out. All of us missionaries were emailing yesterday when the power went out! We think it was a combination of heat and overloading the system, but we're back online now. Everything works out in the end.

This was a good week for us. We found a new investigator along with a few potentials. Right now we're teaching 4 different kids ranging in age from 9 to 12. 3 of the 4 have dates for this month, and we're really enjoying the ease with which we are able to teach them. It's nice when you've got 1 person to focus on, especially one so young and ready to listen. It's sticking better with some than with others, but they'll all get there in the end.

This email also comes with some bad news. I didn't survive my two years in the Idaho Boise Mission. I didn't even make it a year! Am I feeling bad about it? If it weren't for the fact that the mission got split, I would be. I stayed in Nampa, so I am now a part of the Idaho Nampa Mission. An iron curtain fell yesterday between Nampa and Meridian forming the new boarders seen on the attached map. The way I see it, I got off easy. The Boise mission is only 4 towns-well, 4 cities. It's a tiny mission, and I like being able to be transferred more than half an hour from my last area. Maybe if I had started out that way I'd've been ok, but I'm used to big transfers.(both transfers I jumped across the mission)

A new mission president came along with the new mission, President Cannon! Yup, my new mission president has the same name as my last mission president. That makes it easy for us missionaries to remember his name. We met with President Cannon Saturday. He's a sporty guy who used to play basketball and still golfs. His most recent calling was young men's president, so I think he's ready to work with a whole bunch of us young men. I was lucky enough to receive confirmation right away that he is my new priesthood leader at this time. I'll gladly follow his council and wisdom.

There is a new mission office to go along with the new mission. The old address(1111 S Cole Rd) is bad. There's still a mission office there, and for the next little while they'll forward mail. We've got a new office though. To reach me now, send mail to
Elder Soren Mann
Idaho Nampa Mission
1008 W Sanetta St
Nampa, ID 83651-5047
United States(If you happen to be out of country.)

Next week...The year mark!

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