Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 48: It's June, and the sun is shining

This was a good week. We were able to find some new investigators. We committed a 9 year old to baptism.

Today we had a BBQ/game day over at the church. I got to grill. It kind of worked. Only half of the grill would heat up. This was only my second time grilling burgers. I did hot dogs over a coal grill at the beach last year, but Saturday was my first time grilling burgers. We got to play some frisbee. We played volleyball, and I had a sister spike on me...How did it happen? I don't know. It might have to do with me not actually watching the ball and just throwing my hand up and hoping to hit the ball. I got shunned after that.

Speaking of grilling Saturday, we got to grill on Saturday. 33rd ward was having a bbq and vegetable derby(like a pinewood derby but with vegetable cars). They had us grill so that we would be recognized by the ward. Elder Cavin and I made a fun car. We put back wheels on a banana, stabbed it with a toothpick and added cut up carrot for front wheels, and we called it the banana boat. It was the absolute worst car, but it wasn't supposed to be good. It was supposed to be funny. It was... a little bit.

Wednesday we had new missionary training. That was fun, but the trip back was the best part. We made a stop in Meridian. I somehow ran into these three random people that I took pictures with. One of them is getting ready to go on a mission to California, so I let him wear my nametag and post-it note his name over it to take a missionary picture with me. There were two other people that my mom would call mom and dad. It was a treat that missionaries rarely get, but that's what happens when you've got a cousin that lives in the mission boundaries a town over who's about to go on a mission.

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