Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 47:An appropriat​e Memorial Day...of sorts

This was an interesting week. I lost my planner. I lost my handbook. I lost the game. Plus, I temporarily misplaced my camera. It was still a good week, and this week has started off right.

Last Thursday and Friday we had leadership training. We all met up in Caldwell to talk about how we could become better leaders. The main topic was listening to the Holy Ghost. The best way to lead is to listen to the third member of the companionship that should always be there. It will tell you where you need to go, what you need to say, and who you need to see. By is tending to theSpirit, you can know what questions you need to ask to increase your ability to help those you ar teaching.

Friday we spent a lot of the time talking about qualities we admires in our leaders. Being a builder seemed to be one of the most important. A leader will build up, not tear down. You will strive to be positive as you give constructive ways to build up those you serve.

A member from Meridian West invited us back over for a Memorial Day BBQ. I hadn't really been to Meridian since my time there back in November. The trip was awesome! We got to play washers and relax in a fun way with some of my favorite people. Part way through we got a call from the first guy I taught that got baptized, so we ran down to his house to see him and his family. I can't tell you how great it was to see them again! Nothing gives a missionary more joy than seeing someone they were able to teach in the future still going strong. I also found my camera in the zone leaders car after already looking where we found it three or four times. This has been a fantastic Pday!

This week's picture of the week is a fun one. We took this a few weeks back at a ward party. The plan was to put it on posters that would say "meet your missionaries" and give a little bio about each of us, but we found out recently that the wards we cover will change next transfer, so there isn't much point in putting the posters up when we won't be the missionaries they need to knowin about 3 weeks. It's still a good picture though!

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