Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 46: A New Title

I've officially earned myself a new title: "Elder Mann, Slayer of Trees" I've done the dirty deed once again. I've killed another. Am I proud of my dealings with death? No, but it is a work that somebody has to do. This time the tree who met its match was a nut tree of some kind. It was not producing what it should have, so it needed to be eliminated. This time a more methodical method was used. I was told to "girdle the tree". That meant I cut the bark off of a section of the tree, and then cut a ring to block stuff from going back down to the roots. However you look at it, the tree is dead soon. At that same service project, I was able to claim the title of true Idahoan. How so? Well, I worked in a potato field. I think that is a requirement if you are to call yourself an Idahoan of any level.

A week and a half ago I filled my first journal. Every page is written on from front to back. I wanted to try and get a picture of it, but I haven't figured out a good way to do it yet. The first 20 pages or so make up my first year at college. The other A LOT are my mission from July to May. I didn't write much at college. I wish I had.

This was one of those fun weeks where we tried to see a lot of people, but nobody wanted to see us. We tried stopping by a list of less actives we'd been given, but only one of fifteen talked to us more than to say they didn't want to talk to us. The important thing we try to keep in mind is to not get discouraged. Discouragement is a weakening of faith, and that will limit our ability as missionaries.

The picture of the week comes from an exaggerated version of an object lesson we use called '3 cups and 3 knives' The idea is to create a structure that will suspend something above the ground using the 3 cups and knives without moving the cups closer together than where they are placed.(They're placed with enough space that the knives all lay flat on the surface with one knife placed between two of the three cups...terrible explanation...) Anywho, the important part is what it stands for. The 3 cups represent 3 commandments(scripture study, prayer, and sabbath observance). The knives represent obedience. The something on top represents us. As we are obedient to the commandments, we are held above the world through the blessings we receive.

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