Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 45: A message for the world

That's what I'm out here sharing: a message for the world. What is that message? Jesus Christ lives, and we can follow him. Isn't that cool? I think so.
Here's a quick some up of the past 2 weeks since I don't know who all knows what.
May 3 An unexpected call brought excitement to our night. We got transfer calls at the end of the night. I'm still here in Nampa(1200 Autumn Wind Drive Nampa, ID case you were wondering), but Elder Smith is gone to New Plymouth. Who's my new comp? More on that later.
May 4 We had a baptism. Chris Sandoval is an interesting guy. He got divorced. His life fell apart. He was missing structure. That's when he saw that his ex-wife had found that structure in the church. He wanted that same peace that she had found, so Chris got ahold of us at the beginning of last transfer. After a month-ish of working with him, he got baptized by his ex-wife's husband. Weird, huh?
May 5 I became 10 months old. Nothing really big or exciting happened. Elder Smith needed to pack, and I needed to do a little bit of packing and cleaning in prep for the upcoming adventure.
May 6-8 I drove down to Boise...Monday, I rode down to Boise while somebody else was driving to participate in a training meeting for those who would be getting missionaries fresh out of the MTC. Tuesday, we got together with the new missionaries and did a proselyting activity. What's that mean? We knocked a bunch of doors with the new missionaries so that they could get introduced to the real world. I actually had a lot of success with Elder McKenzie! We had four people invite us back and only one yell at us to go away. Wednesday, I got my new companion, Elder Cavin! He's from South Jordan, UT. Not far from home? That's because he's here waiting on a visa to go down to Argentina Cordoba. We got right to work Wednesday night, and haven't had much time to take a breather since.
May 10 Zone Conference was today. They really emphasized the hastening of the work. There are a lot more missionaries. Another few months and the mission will be split into 3. We need to be ready to do a lot more work in all new ways. No more tracting. Working a lot more with members. Stuff like that.
May 12 Mother's day! I got to call home and talk to family. That was fun. I went a little bit long, but that's okay in the grand scheme of things.(Elder Cavin went long too, and he just talked to his family on the phone last week at the airport). I played Parcheesi for the first time while E Cavin was talking to his family. Fun times.
That's the exciting news from here in Nampa this week! We'll see if we stay as busy this week as we did last week!
Elder Mann

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