Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 43: A friend I want you to meet

I am pretty excited to send this weeks email. We started off today
with a hike, so I'm emailing later on. Luckily that doesn't make too
much difference. I can tell you that I made it back safely from the
hike. It was fun. It reminded me of Crafton Hills because of the way
it looked. This look familiar to anyone? It's me taking a picture of
the rest of the people hiking "with me". Yeah, that's them back a
little ways. I still hike like myself, not caring too much where the
others are.(don't worry, I make sure Elder Smith is within sight and
sound) That's not the exciting part though.

Friday, we had district meeting at the family history center. We got
to learn under the tutelage of the family history workers. What I did
not realize, was the abiity to access other genealogical websites that
require memberships from the family history centers because they have
memberships. I gave a try to see what they had. I
discovered something VERY exciting...for at least me personally. I
found a picture of  Soren Nielsen(the guy I'm named after)! I feel
okay sharing the picture because...I'm named after him and they got
the picturefromUncle Ross. Say hi to Soren! Soren being a part of the
Danish navy before moving to Utah was all I knew about him before. Now
I have a faceto go along with the story! Plus, I found out that he
worked as a brakeman for the railroad after moving to Utah. I'm not
sure what a brakeman is, but I am happy to know more! I learned a
little bit more about myself this week.

We've got a baptism lined up for this weekend. More updates on that
next week. I've got a few other emails to reply to, so I'll let you go
now!(my sister got engaged!) You got two pictures, so no need for a
picture of the week this week! Buhbye!

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