Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 41:Keeping journals for a reason

Sometimes, it can be fun to go back and reread journal entries. I made a note about how the word 'week' should be changed to 'work' because we were so busy. It's no longer a 'weekday' but a 'workday', and there are no longer 'weekends'-just more 'workdays'.
I've found that when people decide to start asking you church history questions out of the blue, it generally means they have a piece of church history. Such was the case Thursday night at dinner. We were waiting for the food to finish cooking, so Bro Nelson(the man of the house) asked us what we knew about where the Book of Mormon was first published(New York), how many were made(5000), who funded it(Martin Harris), and how many copies people think are left(the church has about 250[no, I didn't miss a 0. That is supposed to be 250.] and about the same are known to be in private hands). After dinner, he showed us what can be seen in the first picture. That is one of the 5000 first print editions of The Book of Mormon. It was awesome to see that piece of history. It is good to know that our heavenly Father is so unchanging. His law remains the same today as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow.
Last week we moved a ton and a half of bricks. This week we moved buckets of rock and a lot of potted plants. This sister is intent on moving her entire garden over to her new home just down the street. My companion tells me they were just regular rocks, but from what I saw, it looked like they were gathered specifically for making a retaining wall for a raised bed garden. Every service opportunity is a good opportunity to serve.
I thought I had left the wind in Windell-I mean-Wendell, but apparently some of it just liked me too much. It hasn't been as consistently super windy, but there are days where it will shake our apartment. The land is more densely populated over here, so the wind makes more of a ruckus when it goes through the trees. Plus, suitcoat season is over. The wind has more of a bite when you don't have to wear a suitcoat. I don't have room to complain though. I'm still in a car, and there are a lot of elders all around me on bikes. Being a biking elder was fun, and I'm sure the time will come when it will be my turn again.
There is lots of exciting service already lined up for this week with people moving in and out. I'm going to try not to break anything because that is always a bad idea when you are moving someone else.
The Picture of the Week: Last PDay, I went hiking with some other elders from one of my last areas(because I've had so many areas[3]). We got dropped off by a member, so we didn't have a ride back when we got all done hiking. The 5 of us walked back into town from the hill we hiked and passed by a house with random deer in the lawn. That was cool enough that we all stopped to take pictures. It was reminiscent of freshman orientation when they told us not to call the police if we saw deer on campus because that happens some of the time. Deer! 

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