Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 40:A wonderful weekend to tune in

Wow! General Conference! That was some great stuff! That was some amazingly simple and yet profound stuff! Nobody spoke in riddles. Everyone spoke straight. I even caught a theme this time around(at least for myself)! To give a super summary for the entire 10 hours, what I got out was "Strengthen your testimony. Strengthen your family members' testimonies. Strengthen your friends' and neighbors' testimonies." Trying to run through everything in my head while typing this, I can't remember any talks specifically on testimony, but everyone mentioned ways we can strengthen people spiritually. Spiritual strength comes from testimony. As we strengthen our testimonies, we will have more spiritual strength. The two coincide. You cannot be as spiritually strong if you have a weaker testimony.
"We must build our foundations on good ground like the temples. That good ground will always be found in the light. Once we have found that ground we must not give it up. We must not give an inch to the adversary. We keep ourselves away from the adversary as we draw near unto the Savior, allowing him to draw near unto us. We draw near by being obedient. Through this obedience we find greater peace and joy. 
After the seed is planted in ourselves, we must give it room to grow. As it grows, roots and branches will sprout out. These branches can bear fruit if we keep ourselves spiritually fed. The fruit can be a happier sibling, a more confident child, a more understanding friend, or an enlightened neighbor.
It's our responsibility-once we've gained our sure footing and grown-to help others to find their ground to grow on. We must catch the wave of missionary work and ride it until the end of our days. There will always be somebody that we are able to teach some gospel truth to." 
(That's all one giant indirect quote of sorts. Take it as you will. I'm sure you each were able to get what you needed to out of Conference. If not, here's your chance to catch a glimpse of what I got. If for some reason you didn't watch it, let me know so that I can scold you and continue emailing you until you do watch it.)
General Conference was my entire weekend. It was exciting and invigorating. The rest of the week also went well.
Friday we had a zone training where we learned how to better incorporate the Book of Mormon into our teaching. It is "another testament of Jesus Christ" giving it power to convert. As we read and study it(and help others to do the same) we will receive answers to questions and needed comfort. After that, we literally moved a ton(actually a ton and a half) of bricks. A sister was moving and wanted to take her walkway with her, so we got to pull up the brick path and cart it over to her new house down the street.
I've just had a brilliant idea! I'll do a picture of the week at the end of each email. That way you can get a little insight into the missionary world.
Today's picture: something for those creative types. I got these little missionary bunnies back in Gooding from a great family with a son who recently left for his mission in England! Ahhh, aren't they cute?

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