Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 37:Well isn't that a little funny?

I say that, but do I really mean it? I think so. I gave myself a few chuckles this week. Is it funny to the rest of the world? We'll find out.
I failed to bring up a service project from two weeks ago in last week's email. Why would I want to bring it up? I don't know. I like talking about service projects. This one was pretty fun. We were moving firewood onto the porch for Sister Casperson who can't do it herself. We did it the fun way though. The four of us elders formed a fireman's line and chucked the wood at each other until the last person(me) got it onto the porch. I wish I had had my camera with me on that occasion. It was a humorous sight. What made it all the better for me? I didn't have gloves! I had wood flying at me just as fast as I could throw it away, and I had no protection for my hands. How many slivers did I walk away with after handling more than 100 pieces of wood? Just 1! Miracle? I think so.
Another reason I've got to laugh is a speaking assignment we got yesterday. After sacrament meeting, we were pulled aside by one of the branch president's counselors. He told us the branch president wanted to talk to us. We went into his office and had a word with him. He wants us to speak in sacrament meeting next week. Why is this a reason to laugh? It's the deaf branch. Initially I was kind of glad to have another speaking assignments. Every now and then it is good to get up and share from the pulpit. As I sat pondering what I should talk on last night, "I had an apostrophe. Lightning had struck my mind"(Hook. Anyone? Anyone? Ok...) Is it oxymoronic to speak in a deaf branch? That's when I chuckled. Admittedly, the branch is attached to a ward, so there will be those who understand my words and those who might have to watch the interpreter.
I was slow to catch on to it being St Patrick's Day yesterday. I walked into church, and an awful lot of people were wearing green ties. I just figured it was a sign of unity for the almost missionary who was giving his farewell talk. Nope. It was St Patrick's Day. I kept track of when it was all the up to the day before...I must be getting oldtimer-I mean-alzheimers.
Like I think I said last week, we've come across several less active parents with unbaptized children. If I failed to mention that, now you know. If I did, the trend continues! We have started teaching another two families where some are members of the church and others are not.
I've got one more story from yesterday. After that mission farewell, we got to go up to our mountain town, Fairfield. It's not too big of a town, but it's still big enough that you can not know how to get from point A to point B if you aren't there regularly as is the case with us. Elder Shumway had never been there before, so he was driving completely on my directions(which are usually pretty decent). My memory failed me for the second time. We were driving on the main road that goes through town and made it to the opposite end without turning like we were supposed to. I looked around to find a marker that would point me in the right direction. What did I find? The church's steeple. Keeping my sight high and looking ahead for a goal to reach helped us make it to the church. I didn't see my goal when we were driving through the first time because things(buildings) were getting in the way. We can't let objects get in the way of us reaching our goal. Luckily hindsight is 20/20. I was able to see the goal once I had gone beyond the point of reaching it. There are times where we don't get a second chance, but when there are chances to turn around and achieve what we want, we need to take that opportunity.

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