Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 33: The most intimidati​ng sacrament meeting I've been to

Church yesterday was pretty cool. I'm going to need you to use your imagination here for a minute. Picture 14 men in suits all sitting up on the stand. No, none were apostles, but still! We had the bishopric(3), the stake presidency(3), a high councilman(1), us missionaries(4), President McCurdy of our mission presidency(1), plus Elder Allen, the area 70, and an associate(2). All four of us missionaries got to stand up and bear our testimonies before Elder Allen spoke to the congregation. I used Moses 7:18 for my 2 minute thought. We need to unite-have one heart and one mind for good. As we do this, our focus will change to match the focus of the Savior.
We also had a baptism this weekend! We met Sam Funkhouser when I first came to Wendell. With the holidays and basketball, we weren't able to meet up with him again until a few weeks ago. He had a desire the whole time. He'd come to church, but he also had school, family, and sports. When you've got a town of less than 1000, you need every athlete you can get, and he is one of the better ones.
Today is transfer day. Elder Bingham is headed to Kimberly while I stay in Wendell and get Elder Shumway from AZ(?) as my new companion. That is fine by me because we've got a baptism this weekend, an eternal investigator who actually committed to baptism yesterday after a visit with President McCurdy, a lot of part member families to visit, as well as referrals galore. This is going to be a busy week.
You be sure to have a good day!
Elder Mann

Once a week, we get together with the other missionaries in the area for a district meeting. We help each other learn and grow by sharing some of our experience from what we have learned thus far. To keep it from being boring, we always play a game near the beginning to check our skills/knowledge. This time, Elder McDonald was in charge. He pulled out one of the 100 scripture mastery cards. He would say the key words or scripture reference and you had to give the other. Each correct answer was worth 2 points. By the end of the game, the score was Me: 40 to Everyone Else: 20.(We didn't go through all of the scriptures because of the unfairness of the game.) Needless to say, I had good seminary teachers

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