Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 29:Another week in the life

Well this has been about as average a week as you can get being a missionary if there is such a thing. We taught lessons. We met with ward leaders. We set a baptismal date. Pretty regular missionary stuff.

My apologies. I haven't prepared for this email, so I doubt how good it is going to be.

Sam Funkhouser is a 14 year-old kid that lives down in Hagerman. He's grown up being an athlete(his dad was the coach of everything). Because it's a small town, everyone knows everyone else. Sam has a lot of friends that are members. He'd even gone to church with them a few times. The holidays kept us from making it down to Hagerman for a while, but we were finally able to meet with Sam. We taught him about the restoration of the gospel, and he committed to be baptized on February 16. That's the big story from this week.

All is going well! I'll be sure to send a really good one next week to make up for this week! TTFN

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