Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 28: Attack of the Elements!

There were 3 major elements that hit the Wendell area(and me) this week: wind, cold, and children. It was a pretty exciting week-one that made me glad I'm an eagle scout.
The scout slogan is "Do a good turn daily". I'm really glad I learned that when I was younger. Thursday we were able to assist in helping distribute food donations in a church parking lot. I came prepared. Prepared to serve, prepared to work hard, and prepared to stay warm(that luckily was easy as I worked on the other two). It was a very windy day. Winds were upwards of 30mph. Oh, and it was about 15* outside without the wind. The others working beside talked about the bitter bite of the wind and how their toes were frozen. I bought myself an awesome jacket back in Meridian and did not feel the wind at all, plus I never stood still long enough to give my toes time to freeze(little did I know I would get to feel the freezing toes later on)! When we were all done, I learned that the wind did have a little bit of an effect on me. My legs were wind burned. I had heard of that happening, but didn't understand what it meant until Thursday afternoon as sat around our table dunking our donuts in...hot chocolate(What were you thinking?).
It was only later that night(after the sky had cleared but the wind remained) that we got a blizzard advisary. That felt cool. A blizzard? I am pretty sure I might possibly be able to muster up enough strength to survive that.
That's the wind. Now for the children(only because they come next chronologically). That night(after the blizzard warning) we went to sit in on a lesson with some members and a recent convert. They had a few kids(3 girls under the age of 6 plus a few older boys). While everybody else was talking about faith and baptism, I was being read the story of the boy who bought his fish from Otto and then fed it too much. I hadn't read that in a while. It was awesome seeing how dramatically everyone in the story reacted to the boy's overfeeding the fish. "Hello? Chief Firefighter? The fish was fed too much!" "THE FISH WAS FED TOO MUCH?! WE'LL BE THERE RIGHT AWAY!"(not a direct quote) I'm sure the lesson was good, but I wouldn't know because I was being told the fish story as well as a million others by these 3 girls.
How's this for a mission experience? I got to dance with a girl! Alright, she was only 3 years old...but I got to dance with a girl! The night after the lesson, we were at dinner with a couple that had a 3 year daughter. She was sitting in the other room watching Ice Age 4 or 5 or 6(the newest one) while we talked at the dinner table after finishing our ice cream sundaes. She came over and dragged me into the other room for a dance party! We danced. We had a sword fight.(all the while my companion is being shown the member's guns) Aren't children fun? haha
About a month ago, I wrote about how awesome it is to serve in branches because you get to do everything. Elder Bingham and I went back up there again yesterday. Giving sacrament talks was our only assignment this time. The only 'problem'? We were the only two speakers. The branch probably had about 30 people there this Sunday, so we had about 45 minutes between the two of us to talk. Elder Bingham went first and used up a whopping 10 minutes. I didn't quite fill up the other 35, but I thought I did alright talking for 25 minutes. One of the branch presidency was going to get up to fill the last 10 minutes, but the organist started playing. Sacrament meeting was over.
Fairfield is a small branch up in the hills about Wendell and Gooding. It's so far away, that we have to get a ride up there so as not to use too many of our miles.(We're limited how far we can drive.) The temperature is about 20+* colder there than down in Gooding. As we were driving up, the thermometer got down to -24* F. It was a little bit chilly outside. The branch mission leader drives us around while we are up there, so we get in a lot of visits. It was a good day. We saw a lot of people. Dinner was awesome. We got a falt tire. We drov-Wait. A flat tire?! Oh man! We got it after dinner, so it was cold and dark again. I can now say that I have changed a tire while it was -10* outside.
This takes me back to Thursday's project again. I wasn't moving around a lot this time because I was changing a tire. My toes froze! They didn't return to normal until half an hour of driving in a warm car. At the beginning, I also mentioned being glad I'm an eagle scout. Reason being? The motto is "be prepared". I carry around a multi-tool and flash light in my back pack. There weren't any lights near where we got our flat. We changed the tire by the light of my little flashlight that I carry around. I knew I carried it for a reason!
That's all the exciting news from up here this week! Let's see what trouble I can get into now...TTFN!
Elder Mann

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