Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 26

With Christmas happening this past week, we weren't expecting too much work. We thought everybody would be busy with family. Luckily we were wrong.
Last week's P-Day we got together with a lot of other missionaries for 'dart wars'. Everybody gets a piece of pvc pipe+nerf darts. It's a simplified blowgun battle. My team won most of the time no thanks to me. I don't know if this is actually true, but when I look at myself(in a battle setting) I'm the kind of guy that doesn't really take time to think but rather charges ahead. Did this work? Not really. Most of the time I ended up in jail. Those times when I didn't end up in jail, I got to go to jail to rescue people.
Tuesday was Christmas. We visited members who fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lot's of food(time for a few new year's resolutions?). I got to call home in between breakfast and lunch. That was more exciting than I anticipated. I didn't think I would have talked to them as long as I did. Funny how being away for almost 6 months can do that to a guy. My best Christmas present? Probably the thermos I got from Mom. As you may or may not know, it gets cold up here! It's a balmy 25* outside right now. I like to keep the thermos in the car full of hot chocolate. It keeps me warm.
I actually got my package from home almost a week before Christmas. It came in two parts: a box and an envelope. I saved the box for Christmas, but I opened up the envelope as soon as I got it. It contained family mission stories. I'm glad I got that. There are a lot of things I didn't understand when I read it back 10 years ago when I made it. Aunt Laura mentioned "Mission outer darkness" which has a new meaning to me as a missionary. There were all sorts of fun stories in there, and I'm glad I'll get to make my contribution soon.
Wednesday was a great day. We finished up with dinner and had nothing scheduled, so Elder Bingham and I went to the church to see if anybody was there that we could visit. There wasn't. However, we got a call while we were there. A member from one of our wards said "I've got a friend at my house who wants to be baptized. What do we need to do?" Our response? "Don't go anywhere! We'll be there in 10 minutes!" He's being baptized Saturday. Aussy(Austin) grew up with members and received his own witness of truth this Christmas. More on Aussy and the other baptisms from earlier this next week.
A lot of the rest of the week was spent teaching Aussy and getting him ready for Saturday. I did an overhaul of our areabook in preparation for the upcoming transfer. We aren't sure who is staying and who is going. This transfer has flown by, and we're preparing to go out with a bang!
Happy New Year! TTFN

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