Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Week 22: This place is crazy!

Hey'all! We've been gettin some moisture roundabouts a couple-six farsees from here.
Woah! Sorry about that folks. This is a different world out here. I got caught up in the nice Idaho culture of small town, USA. It's nothing like those people who have to go to South/Central America and elsewhere where they've got all dirt roads and tin huts, but this is the 'tiniest' area I've ever lived in. I cover the entirety of Gooding County. It's kind of large-ish geographically(from one side of our area to the other is a good hour, hour and a half drive of about 60-80 miles), but there aren't more than 15,000 people in the whole county. There is only on stop light in the entire county, and I got a picture of that rare treat for you guys! There isn't even a McDonalds!(There is a Subway, so cudos to Subway for making it where McDonalds hasn't yet.) That Subway is the only big chain restaurant in this area. We do have a Papa Kelsey's pizza in each of our towns, but that's a local thing.
The first week went well. It felt really long, but it's over now. There are all sorts of people here. We've got a conspirasist who thinks the government can track us by the bar code on the back of our IDs. There's an older German woman who I'm pretty sure could be the witch from the Hansel and Grettel story.(but in a good way and not a she eats children kind of way) She's got a cackle like you'd imagine a witch to have, but she is awesome. I've seen my fair share(plus yours) of mountainmen-hunters.(beard and all) Let's just say, nothing is quite like Gooding County.
Thursday night we visited one of the bishops to talk about his ward. We had a good chat and an even better bowl of ice cream. After the ice cream, he gave us a test. He had a big rock sitting next to his stove.(This is where I would hope that my sister and father could be a little bit proud of me.) He asked if I could identify it. I did! At first I said it was calcite for some weird reason, but it was Sandstone which was my second guess. There was something on top of it which I called coral to keep up the appearance that I only half know what I'm talking about...AND then I correctly identified it as concrete. What was it? It was a piece of the original foundation of the Salt Lake City temple that cracked. Because I guessed right on the rock, he showed us some more neat stuff. He had several copies of the Book of Mormon from the 1800s as well as a page from an original print Book of Mormon.(because apparently full original 1820 copies cost a lot of money) He had a lot of interesting historical stuff like that. Suffice it to say, I enjoyed the visit.
Yesterday was my favorite day of the transfer so far. We went up to the little town of Fairfield for church. The only road that is paved in this town is the main road. Everything else is dirt. Hopefully that gives you a good idea of how big this place is. If that doesn't, the sophomore class in the highschool has all of 10 kids in it. Does that help? Got a good image of how big this place is? Alright. 52 people showed up at church. It was the smallest church meeting I had ever been to, and I loved it! When you are in a branch, you get to participate! I got to say the opening prayer, bless the sacrament, speak, teach the youth(all 4 kids that are between the ages of 12-18) Sunday School class, and direct music in priesthood. I had a blast doing that. I've never done quite so much. We stayed in the town the whole day because it is a 46 mile drive from where we live. When Elder Bingham and I got home, I looked up because it was finally not raining and cloudy. What did I see? A beautiful night sky. Pretty sure I saw part of the Milky Way last night. I was in my happy place. On the subject of night skies, there was another night earlier on where the Moon shone bright in the sky. I got a picture because somebody had said when we saw this type of moon it would snow...still waiting on that snow...

Hope you're all doing well wherever you might be. Those prepping for tests/finals: Good luck! That's not an easy or relaxing thing, so make sure you take some breaks! TTFN

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