Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 21: A Whole New World

The thing about emailing: You don't always remember what you want to email when you are writing it, and if you didn't write it down somewhere, you likely won't remember. Such is the case with last week. I forgot my planner, so I couldn't write about the exciting stuff from the week before. Now here I am with what I hope to be a more exciting installment in the missionn life of mann.
I guess the big thing that I meant to bring up last week that I didn't is that everything happens for a reason. In my farewell talk, I spoke about joy vs. pleasure. Certainly, pleasure is great! It feels awesome!....but it's not as long lasting as joy. Joy can last for all time whereas pleasure is momentary. Why do I bring this up. There are a lot of things that can bring missionaries pleasure, but it's not always 100% or even 91% obedient. The joy found in following the rules is far greater than what can come from not following the rules.
I meant to write about a baptism that happened too! If I didn't, we had a baptism! If I did, oops. I already told this story. About a month ago, we had a family(the Garcias) move into one of the wards we work with. Bro Garcia wasn't a member, so we asked if we could start teaching him. He said yes. After 5 weeks of meeting with him, Joe was baptized! If I had my camera with me, I'd include a picture, but I left that in the car(...Wait, what?!).
Transfers were/are today! I moved out of my Meridian safe haven into the far reaches of Wendell(GoogleMap it if you need to find where it is)! I've been here a whole...well, actually I haven't even made it to Wendell yet. Right now I'm in Jerome emailing. I haven't even dropped my bags off yet. That's how important emailing is. My new companion is Elder Bingham from Prescott Valley in AZ. He's been out all of 6 weeks, so I'm senior companion and follow up trainer! We've been out a combined 6 months between us, so it'll be exciting. The nice thing: We've got a car! It'll keep us warm. That's always a plus.
Oh yes! This past week was Thanksgiving. I kind of forgot about that because of transfers. I got to go over to eastern Meridian and see some familia(Thanks Steve, Sandy, Amy, and Eric!). That was pretty fun. I especially liked that we had Grandma's Rolls(a home recipe). They are my favorite, so I was glad to have them.
Friday night is when we got the transfer call, so we got together with a few missionaries to have a mini fire and spend some time together. We had a short testimony meeting and sang a few hymns which made the whole thing worth it.
That's all from the field for now! Those in school, good luck prepping for finals! Those are coming up soon! TTFN

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