Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 20

Well this was a special week up here in Meridian, ID. Lots of stuff happened, some of which you already know about through the delayed email. Exciting? I'd say so.
Like I said Wednesday, Tuesday was Zone Conference. That was pretty cool. We learned all sorts of missionary stuff there, like how to leave better commitments and how we should try to really connect to people and not just know them on a superficial level.
Thursday was supposed to be a really busy day because we had a lot of appointments set. What ended up happening? Very little. We'd show up to an appointment only to have them cancel, and then we'd get a text from another saying they needed to move up or cancel their appointment. That's missionary life though. Not much to do there other than to keep working so that you can get to as many as possible!
Friday was cool. We had interviews with our mission president, President Cannon. He's a super jolly guy. Imagine the jolly green giant but older, not green, and with glasses and that's him! haha Seeing him was great. He truly cares about each individual in this area and tries to do what he can to help us and those others around us. Once interviews were over, we went over to a pizza place for district lunch. You know what made this pretty cool? We got to make the pizza again! I didn't just throw on toppings! I threw the dough too. People up here are very relaxed, so it is easy to get along with everyone.
Saturday there was a lot of paperwork to fill out and a lot of studying to do in preparation for the upcoming days. That night there was a youth cultural celebration in honor of the rededication of the Boise Temple the following day. President Monson, Elder Bednar, and Elder/President Christianson (of the 70) were there to witness it. BSU was brought into the celebration of course because, up here, if you don't love the Broncos ...you probably like the Vandals or BYU. President Monson was just as fun to watch as the dancers because he'd be dancing along and having a great time watching it.
Sunday ended up a lot like Thursday with appointments cancelling, but there was one GIANT upside. The Boise Temple was rededicated! We got to watch from the Stake Center, and it was amazing! The scripture I heard used over and over again was Mosiah 2:17. We need to serve those around us, and by so doing, serve God.
Transfers are next P-Day, so if you were planning on writing a letter this upcoming week send it to the mission office(1111 S Cole Road) for me! Thanks! I'll likely be leaving my area this transfer to go somewhere new. Have a great week!

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