Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 19: A delayed note

Howdy all! So...It's Wednesday. A little bit later than usual, huh? There is good reason! Monday was Veteran's Day, so the library was closed. Yesterday we had Zone Conference, so there wasn't any time to email after having been at the conference from 9 to 5. Finally, here it is in all it's glory(if you want to call it that)!
I guess I'll start by bringing up Zone Conference since I already started to! For those of you non-missionary folk reading, a zone conference is when all of the missionaries from a certain region get together to have a training taught by our mission president(boss). One of his counselors spoke first on the importance of unity. If we aren't united, we won't be able to reach our full potential. It says in the scriptures that the Lord's people were of "one heart and one mind, and there was no poor among them and they dwelt in righteousness". This made me think of how you can be of "one heart and one mind" but if you are doing bad things, you are not on the Lord's side which makes a lot of sense. Unity is good. Evil Unity(like a Luthor-Joker tag team) creates a greater evil, and good unity creates a greater good.
Our mission president spoke about the importance of real growth. Oftentimes, we are touched and decide to make a change for the better. Some of the time, this change doesn't last because we don't stick with it. What he emphasized was making sure we stick with it and "endure to the end". Is it worth starting a race if we don't plan on finishing it? Sometimes we need to take breaks, but we need to remember to keep moving forward regardless. Life isn't meant to be a stagnant process where things stay the same. We are supposed to grow and to learn throughout our lives.
It's getting colder, and we can feel it. We've started bundling up before heading out on our bikes. It's not always easy doing what's right, but it's always better in the end.
This zone conference we were permitted to watch a movie because we are deprived all of the rest of the year. The movie that was chosen(by the mission president) was The Other Side of Heaven. It was my first time seeing it. I'm glad I did. It helped me to know that I am the cheesiest of them all. In the beginning the main character brought up how he and his friend would be able to look up at the moon and know they were looking at the same thing even if they were a million miles apart. Why do I say I am the cheesiest? Without seeing the movie, I had said something similar to my friends about looking at the stars and knowing we were looking at the same stars(which, I guess isn't true if you're in separate hemispheres...but that's beside the point)
The work goes on! Life isn't meant to be had standing still! Keep moving forward!

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