Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 18: It's not easy being green

Why did I call my message that? That's weird. I don't feel green. Some people wouldn't say I am. Others would. I'm still newer than half of the mission, so I guess that makes me a little green. Good news though! I'm not going to be green much longer(by my companion's standard)! Today is my 4 month mark! What does that mean? Nothing! Well, I guess it means I've been out for 4 months. It's a little bit crazy and hard to believe. I'm 1/6 of the way done, but that doesn't matter! Whether your 1/730th or 729/730th of the way done, we are told to act like we are in the middle. If you're not an active missionary, you're not a good missionary.
I apologize to everybody for the lack of an email last week. Elder Barnes is a very social missionary and enjoys spending time with other missionaries, so we didn't get to email last week! He's been a great companion though. He's taught me how to interact well with ward leaders. It's funny because being out here I see the things missionaries and ward mission leaders do, and it's similar to what they did back home. They are trying to do missionary work, but back then-me being the teenager that I was-wasn't paying very good attention. I was paying enough attention to know that I was being a goofball back home, and that I shouldn't be that way (entirely) when I go back. They are just out there trying to help as many people as possible.
Missionary work has been booming! Since the temple open house started, we've more than doubled the number of people we are teaching! The great thing is that a lot of them are seeking us out! We haven't had to go out and seek them. They have found us! There is a cool quote in the "missionary handbook"(Preach My Gospel) that says(talking about finding people to teach)"He will lead you to them or He will lead them to you." I'm definitely seeing that right now. Everybody we are teaching has found us. They've requested us in one way or another.
Here's a question for all of you that have a story to tell: How have you found God through/despite trials in your life? We've had somebody talk to us about this thing, and now I am talking to all of you that are brave, strong souls. If you've got a story to share, share it!
Y'all have a good week! TTFN

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