Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 16

Having a temple in your mission is amazing. Having a temple open while you are on your mission is even more amazing. The Boise Temple had been closed for renovations, but it is currently in the Open House phase. The temple is beautiful inside, and I have enjoyed both times I have been able to take investigators inside. Let me tell you, the work is booming. As my companion so nicely put it for you videogamers, It's kind of like the beginning of the open house was like turning on God Mode. Nothing can go wrong, and we are pretty much invincible right now. These past week we found 4 new people to teach(2 because of the temple and 2 because of move-ins).
We had a fun service project this week that started out with us cleaning a garage and ended with me felling a tree. You can see part of the tree and the four of us elders that knocked it down in the one, but I like the other picture more. I'm standing on the stump so you can see how big the tree was a little better. I also don't like the other picture because I'm holding the power tool. In truth, the power tool did nothing. The battery was dead, but we brought it in for the picture so that I could be holding something. We used the hand saws to get through the tree which made it really fun. My companion(on the far right), Elder Barnes, is holding the chain we used to try and pull the tree over after we got most of the way through. Pulling didn't work, but I could see the tree was shaking really bad. I decided to give it one more go with the hand saw, and 5 seconds later I had the tree on the ground!

That's all the exciting stuff from up here this week! Y'all have a good time wherever you are!

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