Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Months Out and Still Going Strong

Dear whoever reads this,
Hello! Welcome to the exciting new installment of Elder Mann's Idaho Adventures! This last weekend was the end of a transfer. I could have gotten moved! I didn't. I get to stay in Meridian for at least another 6 weeks unless something comes up(1% probability of a random change caused by factors beyond my control). In this 6 weeks, I've taught a lot of different people a lot of different things, but I've learned as much as I've taught. I did finally make it through a full bag of cereal.(That is breakfast for us champions up here! No, I don't eat Wheaties.)
For some reason or another, the subject of why us missionaries decided to come on missions has come up quite a few times. This made me think of way back when I was a 12 year old deacon. There was one lesson Brother Humphries was teaching. I can't remember what it was specifically about, but he brought up a cool phrase. He said, "Beat the dragon before you fight the battle." A decision is a lot easier to make if you've already decided what you are going to choose when the chance arises to make that choice or not.(That was a fun sentence to right. Poetic? Not really. It's fun to say it in my head though.) I had known several years before I was 19 that I was going on a mission. One of the most pivotal moments was when I stood on top of the (contiguous) United States. I was up there with my friends and we signed a proclamation to the world saying that we would serve honorable full time missions. It was a very great experience, and I am not doing it justice at all. If you want to hear(read) the full story, you can write me a letter and ask for it!
I have to admit, this is the farthest away I've ever lived from Mountains. They've been practically at my back door my entire life! It's a little ...?weird? not having those mountains surrounding me now. The sky is huge and blue. It's different, but beautiful in it's own way. Sunset is also very cool. With nothing to get in the way, the sun sets are just awesome. The horizon line is huge because there aren't any mountains so the changing color of the sky is very obvious and dramatic. I'm a nature kid(kind of). Don't hate.
Speaking of hating, be careful how you use that word. I've realized just how powerful a word it is. A few missionaries have talked about how bad certain 'things' can be, and it has really stuck in my mind. I've had experiences with some of those 'things' that they talked about and they were not bad at all, but because they had talked about them being bad, I had a prejudice before evening having the experience. Yes, different people think and experience things differently, but they can still leave prejudices in impressionable minds(like those of new missionaries who don't know what to expect).
Lastly, because I am not moving for at least another 6 weeks, I have a new address where you all can send mail to for the time being! The address that you have right now is the address of the mission office. They like mail to be sent there because of transfers and people moving around. That way they can redirect the mail where it needs to go no matter where the missionary is. Well, I am not moving around(except for that 1% chance that something goes awry somewhere). As such, I will give you my direct address so that any mail that is sent between now and the end of September doesn't have to go through that multiple day forwarding process. Mail can be sent directly to the following:
Elder Soren Mann
3145 N Valam Avenue
Meridian, ID 83646

I also have a challenge for 46ers that are reading this.(You know who you are) I am looking for a few addresses, in particular, those of Elder Chandler, Elder Tyree, Bishop Holdaway, Bro McQuarrie, and Bro Rosborough. I offer up this challenge to whoever is willing to take it. "Some of you may die, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make."(but not really. If anybody dies during this process, please promptly report it to me so that I can be executed for improper use of friendly generosity) You all are awesome! I hope school is being kind to you this year! Thanks for everything you have done and are doing to bring happiness to those people that knowingly and unknowingly need it!

May you all have wonderful days!
PS I've included a picture of me and my smiling face, so that you know I'm alive and happy after my first 6 weeks in the real world! Things are great. I also had my first hair cut yesterday! Hoorah! And my bike made it into the picture! Mine is the blue one!

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