Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 8

"What up, freaks?" I told somebody I wasn't sure how to start my letters, and that is how I was told to start it. He even said to tell y'all that Brother Hamer told me to say it, and he did.
Everybody makes fun of the IBM(Idaho Boise Mission) because Singles Ward(the movie) made a joke about it. In all truth, it is a great place to be. The people are awesome. Even when we have doors 'slammed in our faces' they aren't really slammed. They say stuff like "we're not interested" and politely close the door. It's kind of funny. The food is safe and filling. For some reason people seem to feel the need to feed us dessert at dinner. This week was especially 'good'. One night we had blackberry pie made with blackberries from the family's garden. The following night we had raspberry pie made with raspberries from their garden. The night after that we had peach cobbler with peaches not grown in their garden because you can't grow peaches here, or at least I don't think you can. Don't worry. I'm not getting fat. They give us exercise time for a reason, and I use it! The climate is nice enough. It's funny because it'll rain for a minute and that is all that will happen. It won't even be completely overcast. It'll just be one cloud that has a little too much water, so it can't hold onto it. I can't think of any other mission I'd rather be in right now(not even Chile Santiago North).
Yesterday was cool because we didn't have time for dinner! We went from one appointment to another all afternoon/evening long. It was great! Lately we've been teaching a lot of members the message of the Restoration because we are trying to get as many people thinking about missionary work as we can. Elder Jones and I can do a good amount on our own, but we can do a lot more with the help of the members. "Every member a missionary!" We do have a family we hope to be able to baptize later this month. More on that story as it develops.
I seem to have the same/worse luck with bikes here as I did back home. I am now up to 2 flat tires and 4 'crashes'. Funny story about the crashes. I think I talked about two of them last week when I ran into my companion and then swerved away and my bike fell over. Well some similar stuff happened this week. I was riding my bike to an appointment when I started to slow down and dismount. The bike stopped before I realized it had and fell over the opposite way I was expecting it to, and the two of us(me and my bike) went into a bush. That's my airhead moment for the week. My other airhead moment was when I was riding on the road and I got distracted by a driver who was being less than cordial. I rode my bike to close to the curb because of this distraction, and (once again) me and my bike toppled over onto the side walk with a little bit of sliding action! I even have a picture of what it did to my pants! There is a white stripe underneath the 'hole'. That was caused by the sliding(but I guess the hole was too). Awesome, right?? I only share these stories because I find them funny and laugh at them. I don't mean for anybody to worry. Laugh with me! hahaha ...well...I think it's funny. Maybe that is just because I'm me. To ease any troubled minds, I came away uninjured from all of these incidents. My body is happy and healthy. [Obviously I am going to have to buy another pair of pants. The pair that tore came from Burlington, and there just so happens to be a Burlington up here. I'm going later today and will report back next week.]
The night we had the blackberry pie for dinner, Elder Jones and I were eating with the Whites, an older couple in one of our wards. We were sitting and waiting for dinner to be ready when I noticed some old books. One of them was an old copy of the Book of Mormon. I thought I had written down how old, but apparently I didn't. It was printed some time between 1900 and 1920 I think. I thought that was cool. I've included a picture of this too because I like old stuff like this.
Tomorrow is my companions birthday. He'll be 21, and he'll only have about 4 months left. He's been cool about it though. He keeps on doing the work like he should, and it has been great working with him.
ttfn Tah tah for now!
Elder Mann

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