Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 7

Hey everybody!

This week was equally exciting and mediocre. We taught some members, less actives, and investigators. We haven't found any new investigators in the time I've been here, but I've been here a very short time. Idaho is still good. Lots of food to be eaten, especially at dinner time. Breakfast is cereal. Lunch is Peanut Butter. Right now, I wouldn't have it any other way. I've now been in Meridian longer than I was in the MTC. It feels good, and when I think about it, it feels like I've been out for a while. When I put it on paper, I haven't actually been out that long. Just over a month. No worries though. Everything is great!
Tuesday I was able to buy a bike for myself. I bought it from a used bike shop, but it was all but new. It rides great, and I love having a bike I can crash and not feel bad about crashing(which is funny because...) The next day when I went to ride it, something happened so that the front break was squeezing the tire without me even pressing on the break handle. To fix this, I took off the front break. It's okay. I've still got a back break which is more important. That same day, I wasn't paying attention very well while biking. Twice(in the same spot) I ran into my companion because I got to close. I fell over both times. At some point later on that night I realized my water bottle was missing. The next day we biked by the same spot and saw that it had fallen out where I fell over. I 'crashed' again on Sunday. I was going to slow while preparing to park my bike, and it fell over. Even the best of bikers have trouble riding some of the time!(not that I'm the best. I'm trying to imply I'm allowed more dumb mistakes because I'm far from it!)
Speaking of dumb things that happened! hahaha Thursday night we went to a members house. We went outside to talk to the guy, Bro Valle, when he showed us a giant wasps' nest that was in one of his trees! He hadn't noticed it until that day, and it was as big as a basketball! What did he do? Right then and there, he got a lighter and WD-40. WHOOSH! That thing lit up fast! After half of it was incinerated he got a can of RAID and killed the rest. No(human)body was hurt during the course of this...adventure.
I also had a chance to talk to one of my dad's old neighbors. He actually grew up in Mentone and went to Mentone Elementary School(a really small place even back then in the 60s), or at least he did until 3rd grade. He then told me his uncle lived there while I was going to school and was a yard duty. I remembered his uncle's name! Richard! That was a crazy blast to my past. This week we might have dinner with this guy and his uncle who moved up here a few years ago. It's cool the connections you can make 2304982039458 miles from home.
Hope everybody who is preparing to start school is having fun! Good luck! Remember to ....remember to....use your brain! Yeah! Use your brain! It's a great tool, especially at school! Bye now!

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