Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Week 6

It is interesting how life just kind of goes on. People are starting up school. They are moving around. Things are changing. Things are staying the same. The mission is doubly interesting because the daily routine is the same wherever you go, but it is different depending on who you are with. Each person adds their own personality to what they are doing, and that is the spice of life.
This past week we tried to do some tracting, but members were the only people to let us share messages with them. We had a few lessons with our progressing investigators that went well. There was one discussion where we weren't ever able to actually get into what we had prepared because the people had so many questions. Questions are great though. It means they are studying and trying to understand what they can.
It must have been some sort of harvest time because we had corn on the cob 4 times last week. It was all delicious, it is just no fun getting corn stuck between your teeth.
There are a few fires up here, and so at some points during the day you can smell the smoke. It is a surprisingly familiar smell and it kind of feels good. It isn't healthy, but it is slightly nostalgic to choke on the smoke. It reminds me of back home in '04 when we had a few big fires close to home.
For all of you family people out there that like horseshoes but don't think it is for kids or yourself, I have a solution! There is a game called washers! What you do is you take a piece of PVC pipe(somewhere between 4" and 7" in diameter) and you glue it to the middle of a box/crate(make sure the crate is about as tall as your piece of pvc pipe). You then use this like you would use a horseshoe stake. You put two of of these opposite eachother. You proceed to try to throw washers(I think 2" or 3" diameter) into them. You get 3 points for in the pvc pipe, and 1 point for in the crate/box. Maybe it isn't that different from horseshoes, but it feels like it when I play it for FHE with a family we visit.
That's all from up here! I did have an influx of mail this week[which included the package from home] which was greatly appreciated. All letters will be replied to in due time. I'm finding I have less time to write letters now that I am out of the MTC, so it may take longer to get to get a response.
Enjoy life!

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