Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mission Week #2: last week in MTC!

Hello all,
Another week has come and gone. Our branch president said the week would fly by, but the days would drag on. He was right. It's hard to believe I've only got one more week left in here. Time is flying by and I'm sure it will keep on flying until my life is over. This time next week I'll be in Boise, Idaho! I wouldn't say that I'm tired of the MTC, but I'd say I'm ready to not be sitting in a classroom for 9-11 hours out of the day.
In memory of the missionaries that are out, I will once again list the missionaries I have ran into that I know to show that there are those who are willing to do good in the world despite all the bad: Elders Chandler(now in Salt Lake City), Lucas, Stephenson(now in Cincinatti), Doxey, Williams, Bradley, Witt, Wasden, Shreeve, Johnson, Chambers(now in Guatemala), Ahlstrom(soon to be in San Antonio), Sanderson, Mills, Ricks, Christiansen, Sotas, Segard, Gordon, Tasso, Miner, Newton, Van Slooten, and Sister (Sarah) Rowley: the faithful food server.
Our district has had a lot of ups and downs this past week. The minute somebody thought we had a bad lesson the mood for the entire companionship would just drop. The opposite was just as true though. A good lesson would put us on top of a mountain.There have been plenty of both.
We have one person we are teaching named Arnold. He's about as mountainman as you can get in the city. He's got hunting knives, fire starting kits, his wooden spoons that he carves, and a 12 guage(He brings all of these to the lessons, minus the shotgun). He says he has to be ready for when everything goes bad. I can tell you; he's ready. He is probably our best(farthest along) investigator. We've made a lot of progress with him through talking about the Plan of Salvation.
It is really important to remember that you can't teach them. You can only provide the opportunity for them to learn(by the Spirit).
You must remember to recognize that each person is an individual. You shouldn't judge them by their parentage or status in life. This last Sunday we had Sister Jenny Oaks Baker play violin and speak at our fireside. Apparently she is Elder Oaks' daughter. Did that change my opinion of her? No. It's just a nice tidbit that helps me know how she came to be who she is, but I didn't think any differently because of it.She was a great violinist though. Lots of prestigious stuff apparently. That one school in New York, part of some symphony thing, mother, teacher. All great stuff.
Knowledge of the scriptures becomes quite useful. It helps you feel like you aren't repeating yourself every lesson if you know more scriptures. I've found that I've got about 120ish scriptures at my disposal, and that is nowhere near enough. I haven't used half of them yet, but I've still got two years to use them and the rest that I plan on learning.
It might seem a little cliche but
Be smart, be wise, remember who you are
Elder Mann

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