Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 4: 1st Full Week

Dear everybody,
Well I finally have the chance to add pictures because I'm in a library so I'll start with that and see how it goes. There are 3 pictures attached. One is of myself and a friend from home, Elder Miner. Another is of me and the guy who isn't dressed up because it was late at night(and he lived two doors down) the last night before I left, Elder Lucas. The one with the old guy that looks like a mountain man was taken in the MTC. The man, Arnold, played the part of an investigator so that we could practice teaching real people in the MTC. The balder missionary is Elder Olinger, and the other missionary with glasses is Elder Woodward. They were my companions in the MTC. The last is of me, my companion(Elder Jones), the mission president(President Cannon), and his wife(Sister Cannon).
I've been out of the MTC a week tomorrow. Coming out, I was expecting to be tracting with every second we weren't in a lesson with an investigator. It turns out that isn't the case. We also visit a lot of less actives and even active members with youth. There was an old guy, Brother Hatch, that we visited. He was awesome!(not to say that the others aren't, but he was especially so. Don't get me wrong. This is the best area in the world! Super strong members. One family is letting me borrow one of their bikes until I can find one for myself. It's almost like being back home.) He reminded me of an older version of Bro Richard Larsen from 1st ward. I could see him(Bro Larsen) ending up like Bro Hatch. Service is a big part too. So far I've mowed a lawn, taught a lesson for the young men and young women, spoke in a sacrament meeting, and painted the inside of a house. Coming soon: bucking hay! That should be exciting! I'm looking forward to it.
My companion is Elder Jones from Yuba City, CA. He says I don't feel like a greeny because I know scripture references, the lessons, and I can bike faster. I'm glad he doesn't think I'm a greeny. It makes everything a lot more natural if I'm not 'fresh out of the MTC' even if I really am. We stay at the home of a nice older sister, Sister Butler. We've got real beds and a nice place to stay.
That's about it. Nothing exciting is happening, yet. We're getting ready for a big week though.
Be smart. Be wise. Remember who you are.
Elder Mann

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